My top 10 Holiday gift recommendations for 2017!

Have you been naughty or nice? Here are my Top 10 Holiday gifts for 2017.  It’s three weeks until the big day.  Be easy on yourself, if you aim to make the holidays perfect, failure is just around the corner. My secret? Consciously look for ways to be easy on yourself. Take time out to relax and meditate. You are worth it!

People are always asking me for self-care recommendations.  So here we go!  More than just a Holiday guide, it’s a roundup full of goodies for meditation, lounging, snuggling and playing. No sticker shockers here!

Top 10 Holiday gifts

Top 10 Holiday gifts - Gift 01

1 - Muse

The Brain Sensing Headband. Retail $249.  It’s your own personal mediation assistant.  I love mine! It measures whether your mind is calm.   You can review your data after each session.  It’s a great tool for all levels of mediators.  Gives you a dopamine rush at the end!!!

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Top 10 Holiday gifts - Gift 02

2 - Insight Timer – Meditation App

It’s FREE, ON APPLE AND ANDROID STORES!!! Provides guided mediations, music tracks, talks, courses and groups.  You can document and also journal your daily mediations.  You feel supported by other meditators!

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Top 10 Holiday gifts - Gift 03

3 - FARMACY Hydrating Coconut Gel Mask! Great for skin types.

3 masks for $24.  So much cheaper than a facial!  Hydrates you face, tones, moisturizes and tightens.  Yeah!  I put this one and meditate for 20-25 minutes.  I radiate from the inside out!

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Top 10 Holiday gifts - Gift 04

4 - Kiehl’s Nourishing Dry Body Oil. Retail $34.

Great for all skin types. Light weight oil that lasts forever!  Subtle sent of almond and vanilla.  Really nourishes your skin.

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Top 10 Holiday gifts - Gift 05

5 - PURE Illumination Light Up Lip Gloss!!!

Natural lip gloss with an LED light Applicator!  Retail $20.  Groupon $9.99! Sweet Almond Oil and Vitamin E.  It has a mirror on the side of the tube and a light what else could you want…

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Top 10 Holiday gifts - Gift 06

6 - Lost Found and Re-Wired!

#1 International Best Seller on Amazon.  When you are stressed and frazzled, pull this great book out and it will change your life in the best

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Top 10 Holiday gifts - Gift 07

7 - Himalayan Salt Block Detox for Foot (Set of 2) Retail $30.

Warm them in your microwave and place your feet on for 30 min.  and enjoy the all-natural way to detox your body. I warm them and mediate.  It’s a great mindful task.   Take a few minutes out of your day to relax, detox and find inner peace.

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Top 10 Holiday gifts - Gift 08

8 - Amazon Echo with Dolby. Amazon $99.

I love my Echo.  I play different types of music, it’s hand free.  Music just changes the mood and vibrations in your house!  It also makes calls, writes my grocery lists and gives my my morning weather report.

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Top 10 Holiday gifts - Gift 09


Yes, Murphy loves his treats.  When he is happy, I am happy!  They are like crack just to warn you.  All-natural cowhide with secret gray on them. YUP they are a winner.  #1 TREAT.

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Top 10 Holiday gifts - Gift 10


The best wine to celebrate the New Year!  Napa Valley 2014.  Trust me.  Take a sip and dream that you are in Napa!  Enough said.

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The holidays are a time for connection, cheer and camaraderie . If you take care of yourself, you’ll not only enjoy the season more thoroughly, but you’ll also make the holiday season sweeter for those around you!

Besides of this Top 10 Holiday gifts there are more ways to take care of your self, Click here to visit my Blog section where you can find more content on how to do it while you enjoy your life

Merry Christmas!


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