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Monthly subscriptions is a convenient, exciting, fun way to discover new Mind Tools.

A monthly box of encouragement will give you a peace of mind.

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By enrolling in the Mind Tool Movement you will receive:

    • Healing Mind Tool Product/s   (Rose spray LOVE)
    • Free monthly video calls with step-by-step guidance on how you can implement this specific Mind Tool into your personal and professional life.  Let’s together master this monthly skill and add it to our tool boxes!


  • Weekly emails of the tools of the month
    • Kick the new week off with another application of your new Mind Tool.
    • Let’s get that dopamine cruising through your brain, with a new Mind Tool Tip! We are here for you and support your brain upgrades!
  • Mind Tool Guide Work Page

But wait there is still more.

    • You will also receive a Work Page that will help you explore and visually map out how you are using your Mind Tool.  Seeing is believing!
  • Mind Tool Mantra.
    • Within each Mind Tool Box a suggested Mantra will be offered to use with your mediations. Mantra’s are amazing tools to help is to sustain our attention and focus.  The less inner chatter the better.
  • Mind Tool Guided Meditation
    • I know that I enjoy audio guided mediations. You will have access to a monthly mind tool guided mediation. The mediation will focus on the new tool. Listen to the audio as much as you want for the entire month. Breathing yourself into relaxation! Yay!
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