Staying mindful of your experience, allows you to master it  This helps you to focus on what is right in front of you and take in the here and now.  It also welcomes in positivity and lowers the inner chatter!  I wanted to share who I mastered my book signing experience in Miami.

I boarded the plane to Miami without expectations or assumptions.  I loaded the suitcase and all of the books and out I went.  I did not even bring a dress to wear for the signing.  A leap of faith.  Whatever was going to happen would fall into place as it was supposed to happen.  I checked in and the book box weighted exactly 50 pounds.  Whoop, a great start.  It’s so important to stay in a positive mindset.  Then when you scan around you, your brain will focus on the positivity.  WE bring what we are feeling.

The weekend was filled with great friends, joy and laughter.  I wish that I could have bottled all of the energy.  I spent time with my son and his new cat. I could not ask for a better time.  He was such a patient young man as we tackled finding a dress.  I had hoped to find a red one.  Guess what, one lone red dress on a rack, my size and BAM, it was a winner.

We had a great signing with an amazing turn out.  I sat in a room, waiting to present and I focused on only the positive, no inner critic, no worries or expectations.  I spoke form my heart about a subject that I am passionate about Mindfulness.   I gazed into the eyes of friends and my son.  We shared a guided mediation and sent everyone home with peacefulness and hope.   I am so grateful.  When we are on the right path in life, there is a natural flow.  That does not mean you won’t encounter a few bumps.  It means that we stay mindful of what we can control and what we need to let go!!  Enjoy some of the pictures of the night!  Happy Wednesday !

Author of “Lost, Found, & Rewired: Mind Tools that Shift You From Stressed and Frazzled to Calm and Vital” I educate people on how the brain works and how you can get it to work for you.