Do you feel stuck?  What motivates you to get up and get moving?  It always starts with your mindset.  There are so many books and information available about immobility.  Just be careful and be mindful of what you are reading.  Titles and taglines can be misleading. Be mindful.  There is no quick fix.  It would be great if there is a magical pill or program that will help you quickly to motivate yourself.  There is a good book called the 5 second rule written by Mel Robbins.  She points out, there are tons of self-help books on motivation. You need to take a pause and discover what will possibly work for you.  You need to be in your present in order to self-monitor yourself. Just remember being in your present will help you increase your productivity.  But, sometimes when we are feeling overwhelmed and frustrated with our lives, we have a tendency to over think.  We get inside our heads which often makes our situation even worse.  Over thinking is a curse!  So, how long do you give yourself to reset you mindset in order to get the gumption be motivated and get moving?

According to Mel Robbins, if it takes you longer than 5 seconds to make a choice or a decision, you will become immobilized.  I think she has a good concept.  I also think individually; we need to set our own mind set timers.  I agree that we need a establish an internal time limit in order to wake ourselves up and push ourselves.  If we allow too much time, we fall into our comfort zones. Our brains prefer this resting state.  We procrastinate and tell ourselves to wait until later or tomorrow.  If we give ourselves a set time, one minute or 5 seconds to make ourselves to get moving, you will start the process of stop self-doubting and build your inner strength.  How much time do you give yourself before you talk yourself out of taking actions in your life?

When My kids were younger and in school, they begged me each morning to give them 5 extra minutes to start their day.  It became a habit loop in their brains.  It’s funny, even when my son is home during his semester breaks, he still asks me to give him 5 extra minutes.

This is the first step this week.   Is 5 seconds too short?  What about a minute?  Remember, if you give yourself too much time, the negative chatter is activated.  It’s 6:30 on a Monday morning.  Make a rule of your set time.  Let’s say 60 seconds.  You now have 60 seconds to get up and launch a productive day.   When you have to decide on what breakfast you are having this morning, you have 60 seconds to make up your mind.  When you make that decision to make a deliberate action, stick with it!  No looking back, remain in your present!  No” if’s” “then’s” or “buts”!  We can do this together!  Don’t talk yourself out of this.  Let us know what your mind set timer will be!!     Try different times and see what works best for you.  Mine is 30 seconds. We are in this together.


Author of “Lost, Found, & Rewired: Mind Tools that Shift You From Stressed and Frazzled to Calm and Vital” I educate people on how the brain works and how you can get it to work for you.