Mindful Rainy Mondays, Time to Pause and be mindful. I don’t know about you but, I love water in any form!  I love the Ocean to relax, raindrops on my head and a hot shower always seems to be my most creative times.  It’s a great opportunity to take a pause and be mindful.  Think about where that rain came from.  Which cloud in the drops are falling from.  Do you notice the smell of rain?  Think about when you were a kid and tried to catch raindrops into your mouth.  What do you notice around you that is getting wet?  The drops on the leaves, the sidewalks and windows.  What is the temperature of the drop?  I am looking at the wet stains on the sidewalk and how the patterns are different as you walk.  Some of the rain has dried, while other spots, it’s still so wet.  I see how much the colors of the grass and trees darken with the rain. I imagine fields of flowers being fed or crops growing from the benefits of the rain.

I think of living in California, we rarely had rainy days.  And when it rained it was anxiety producing.  The roads were slick and dangerous and often flooded.  But, we were so grateful to have the rain.   Now on the East Coast, I smile when it rains and enjoy the moment and in the rare event an amazing rainbow appears in the sky.

Think of how you feel and the joy in your heart.  What a sign from the universe reminding us to be hopeful what’s at the end of that rainbow!  I hope you can try this as a brief mindful exercise.  Just think you were mindful, grateful and positive all in less than 10 minutes.  Just close your eyes and take it all in, rain and all.  Life is as good as we make it!



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