Peace of Mind will generously donate a percentage of our profits From our MindToolBoxes to the Returning Brave Men and Women who volunteered  their lives to serve our country.  WE will actively make sure the minute they step foot on a USA tarmac, a friendly face will supply transportation to their next endeavor!


Thank you for your service

Those two words are NEVER enough

You’ve fought the good fight and won the war

You’ve demonstrated you’re mentally and physically tough

You’ve sometimes paid a significant price

Not with hesitation or regret, but with Valor

You’ve sacrificed for my freedom

A mere stranger, nothing more

And now I want to do something in return

To show you my appreciation

I’ll be the trusting ear

Visit you when you are sick

Roll your wheelchair around the hospital

And do other types of supporting volunteer work

I’ll lead you through a mindful meditation

Give you a big dose of laughter

Yoga when I can

Make sure you get your 8 hugs a day

To boost your wellbeing and connection

But what I do will never be enough

You deserve so much more, my dear friend

You are a pillar of honor, integrity, and what’s right in the world


Theresa Bodnar

Manning Branch Chief at Office of the Chief, Army Reserve