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The mind is a terrible thing to waste. The world has changed at lightning speed over the last two decades. As a result, most of us are living our lives in a frantic blur of incessant emails, social media engagement, text messages as well as an over-abundance of multi-tasking – which leaves our minds in a state of low concentration, high stress and fragmented attention. A perfect scenario for coaching.

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Wednesday, October 11 – 2017

The mind is a terrible thing to waste. Our minds are wasting away in this damaging environment which has become a normal way of life for the majority of people. Lost, Found & ReWired will give you the tools you need to shut off that distracting mind chatter, rewire your brains so you can get back to feeling calm, happy, purposeful, connected and joyful.

Listen to the full interview with Dr. Cynthia.

Thursday, November 2 – 2017

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